US Martial Arts Team

United States Martial Arts Team


The United States Martial Arts Team is sanctioned by TAFISA and the IOC and is organized as a 501(c) for the purpose of bringing the best martial arts athletes in the US to compete internationally against the world's best. Visit

To find the very best Athletes in the USA and make them ELITE! We strive to find them through our Team Qualifiers set throughout the U.S.A. We look at all styles of Martial Arts. If you know someone that is highly talented in Martial Arts and you believe they would be an excellent candidate, please send us an email at and you will be directed to the closest US Martial Arts Team Training Center.

  • Suncoast Karate Dojo is an Offical training facility
  • 2012 United States Martial Arts Team who took 128 medals at the World Martial Arts Games in Bregenz, Austria